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Mindful Mariposas

Experiencing awareness and learning is what the “Mindful Mariposas” program is about. Loving Life wants to empower the young women of our communities with awareness and early detection knowledge and resources. These young ladies will reach out to other young women in an effort to spread the word about breast health, hope, and strength. The key to this program is to bring together groups of ladies who are energetic, enthusiastic, and creative to make these efforts educational and but still fun. Determination and charisma will enable these “Mindful Butterflies” to fly high and lead:

  • Facilitating group meetings at a High School/College level
  • Event coordinating at local Schools, Church Youth groups and Health Fairs
  • Working with the younger children of breast cancer patients
  • Creating crafts specific to the group
  • Creation of interactive activities to include videos, dances, or drawings that send a message

In many instances, the foundation will partner with local high schools to provide extra support for the Mindful Mariposas chapter in that particular location. Volunteer community hours will be afforded to the participants as agreed by the schools. The age group for program participation is (14-24) and we are anxiously looking for group leaders. To volunteer for this worthy and rewarding opportunity, submit your information in the "volunteer sign up form" section of the website or contact us for additional information.