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Breast Buddies

A simple phone call, a trip to the grocery store, or a hug is what the role of the “Breast Buddy” program focuses on. These are volunteers who wish to dedicate time to those that are undergoing diagnosis, or treatment for breast cancer under the Loving Life/Amando La Vida foundation. The volunteer will participate in a training session, which will include information necessary to be the best companion and friend to our patients. Some of the services under this program are:

• Translations if needed

• Transportation assistance

• Medical visits

• Shopping trips

• Surprise visits with meals/tokens of love

If this program is of interest to you, keep in mind that the commitment is not to be taken lightly. The patient will place hope and support on you for their recovery. To volunteer for this worthy and rewarding opportunity, submit your information in the “volunteer sign up form" section of the website or contact us for additional information.