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Words from Eli

Words from Eli

Nutrition Eat Eat Eat

Posted by madrinaeg on 18 May, 2009 at 18:55

Upon getting the news of my breast cancer, I decided that a crucial part of my recovery would come from a solid, strong nutritional program. There had been some people in my past that had suffered from other types of cancer and had done very well under a "Macrobiotic" regimen, I myself had followed it for a year. So I fly with my son to Miami to meet with a licensed Macrobiotic and get a plan in motion. I will be honest it meant a total change of eating habits, especially since it was different in all aspects of anything that I was doing at the time.


Being a detailed and consistent person, I started the diet and life change with all the hope and positive outlook available and from December to March I followed it to perfection. Then came my first chemo treatment and during that first treatment I meet a very special lady "Heidi" ( you have done so much for me and answered so many questions...thank u again), who with a very delicate style made me realize that under this macrobiotics program and the fact that I had already lost so much weight due to the huge change of eating it would be very hard for me to handle the strong treatments. Od and Michael thank you for the nice dinner you brought me to the hospital, it was yummy!


I had gone from 115 pounds in December to 97 pounds by the end of my first treatement in March, I was too thin and was starting to lack energy. I remember talking with Cary one day after a meeting and his look of concern for my weight and his persistance for adequate nutrition made me realize that I needed to make a change and quickly. Well I have and with the weekly follow-up's from Heidi and my aunts great cooking, and of course my mom's continous suggestions on good things to eat, I am eating healthy, enjoying it and have gained over 10 pounds. Bascially you can eat some great tasty foods, and still have them provide nutritional value for next time you are sitting down to have a meal or a snack think "exactly what is this food doing for me!"


Categories: Family, Personal, Healthy Living

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