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Words from Eli

Words from Eli


Posted by madrinaeg on 6 December, 2009 at 18:00 Comments comments ()

Life has been good since my last post, trying to continue with normalcy as much as I can. We made a trip back home to Miami at the beginning of November and it was incredible. We got the family together and enjoyed my close friends that I had not seen for a while. Got back home to a great Thanksgiving even though very intimate it was wonderful, so much to be thankful for. Had a great time with Bambino, mainly hanging out, dinners, movies and some video games lol! In only five days Dave will be back home, we have plans for a New York traditional Christmas trip and celebrating the holidays with the family. Can't wait to get my two boys here very shortly so we can catch up!

The Hair

Posted by madrinaeg on 16 May, 2009 at 18:45 Comments comments ()

I still remember saying so many times, "well I really can't deal with losing large quantities of hair, so as soon as that start happening, I will get it all shaved off" today I should have one of you that I said this too beat me hard. One afternoon possibly a week and a half after my first chemo treatement I was sitting in my office and decided to touch my hair, and sure enough there it was that moment.........the hair was falling.


Looking at that day in retrospect I was terrified broke down and ran into Cary's office (for those of you who do not know who Cary is-he is not only my boss but a very special person in my life who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders through it all), that day arrived sooner than I had expected. I was so upset I ran to Teri and Kelly who extended their arms and hugged me with the same look of fear that I was displaying, of course I went home.


My poor aunt and mom cried with me for what seemed to be hours and my distraught mother promised to buy me all the wigs, headpieces, bandanas, scarfs, hats that I wanted- I love u mom for you show me daily how unconditional and simple your love is for me. We did what we had to do we mourned together, prayed and realized that loosing my hair was in fact part of the process of healing and it has been easier and easier each day. Thank you Susie for that long Saturday morning and my first short hair cut!


Incredibly enough I have not lost all of my hair as of today, of course more than 75% is gone but I am strong, feeling great and wearing some great hair accessories. As my cousin and brother Jose reminded me yesterday when he saw me with one of my pieces, "cuz you look pretty darn hot with that long haired wig lol", I love u Hoach!